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Indonesian Diaspora Network Victoria (IDN VIC) is a non-profit organisation for all Indonesian Diasporas living in the state of Victoria, Australia.  As a chapter of global network, IDN VIC provides voice and medium for communities concerned with Indonesian development, and to channel the aspirations of Indonesian diasporas to embrace the multiculturalism of Australia. (ABN 30 200 886 736)

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Our Vision

Strengthening the network of Indonesian Diasporas in Australia and around the world, particularly Victoria as a bridge to access knowledge, expertise, resources and markets.

Our Vision

Our Mission

1. To establish a forum that focuses on building networks between the Indonesian diasporas
2. To enhance cooperation with business practitioners, government, institutions and non-government organisations in Australia 
3. To increase cooperation between the Indonesian diaspora and the Indonesian government
4. To increase the role of the Indonesian diaspora in participating in advancing Indonesian society in various sectors such as education, wellbeing, culture and economy and trade

Our Mission

We Need Your Support Today!

Indonesian Diaspora Network Victoria
ANZ Account No 013533-309234331
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ABN 30 200 886 736

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