The Making of a Smart Village

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Desa Nelelamadike 

Pulau Adonara

Kabupaten Flores Timur

Nusa Tenggara Timur


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One of the Indonesian Diaspora Network Victoria Inc (IDN VIC) programs is SMART VILLAGE that is providing some assistance for villagers together with the local government to apply eGovernment into their system, and develop all potentials. Nelelamadike is a village located in Adonara Island off East Flores, of Nusa Tenggara Timur, Indonesia. Nelelamadika is one of 26 villages in the regency that expressed their interest to the program. Although it is an under develop village, but selected by IDN VIC based on their strong willingness and its commitment to the rogram.  


The program has been started and running soon after the selection process with remotely installing a computer program called OpenSID into the local government administration system and the training with no cost. The program has now been used by the administration for the database of the village demography, correspondences, and electronic reporting for the upper level government bodies as well as for the villagers. IDN VIC has build the official website of Nelelamadika located at with a number of features, register the village location in Google Map, and uploaded the village profile in 



How you can help

There are plenty of opportunities for you to help and be involved, limited only by our imagination.

Here are some examples of how you can help:​

  • Donate to our NL fund

  • Donate your excess

    laptops and smartphones

  • Research and plan how to address Desa NL priorities

  • Provide contacts to other individuals and institutions that can help 

  •  Involve in developing and maintaining OpenSID computer software

Please contact for further information:

Iwan Wibisono, WA +61 433 280 393 Eddie Ridwan, WA +61 421 194 607  




What is Desa NL like?

An unspoiled, underdeveloped village on Adonara, an island off the main island of Flores. In the hills with views of the ocean. The tourist destinations of Lake Kelimutu is nearby and the village is not far from Komodo Island.


What are the development priorities?

The priority areas are:

  1. improving Internet access

  2. addressing the lack of clean

    water and sanitation

  3. improving the quality,

    production and marketing of their key products: corn crisps (jagung titi), and textiles (kain tenun).

However, Desa NL require assistance and are receptive to help in many other areas, including health services, education, agriculture, income generation, improving electricity supply, and so on. 

How long is the project?

This is a long term project. We welcome collaborators and partners to join us in the journey