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High Fives

Task Forces

Information, Social and Culture

  • Public relation and information sharing to all stakeholders.

  • Fostering close relationships and harmony with fellow Indonesians and Australian local communities.

  • Playing an active role in promoting Indonesian arts and culture in Australia.

Image by Mahmur Marganti


  • Embrace the knowledge sharing between Indonesian and Australian education systems.

  • Explore the opportunity to support the development of primary, secondary and tertiary education in Indonesia.

Image by Husniati Salma

Migrant Worker

  • Provide information, network and assistance for our blue-collar, seasonal workers and working holiday visa

  • Lobby the government to launch reforms and policies towards Indonesia Diaspora which includes addressing the problems of our blue-collar and seasonal workers, working holiday visa holders.

Image by Nicolas J Leclercq

Culinary, Fashion and Tourism

  • Actively involved in promoting tourism to Indonesia.  To achieve this goal, we are working with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy in Indonesia, the Indonesian Embassy and Consulate, travel agencies, airlines, hotels, restaurants, museums and other tourism actors.

  • Committed to making Indonesia's culinary diversity better known and promoted by collaborating with other non-profit organisation, restaurants, chefs.

  • The Diaspora can make a significant contribution to the growth of tourism in Indonesia.

Image by Killian Pham

2nd Generation, Children and Youth

  • Aims to be a network and platform of knowledge institutions, experts, professionals in the fields of youth, education and social development.

  • Maintain the connection and engagement between 2nd Generation Indonesians and Indonesian culture and languages.

  • Ensure they are conscious of Indonesian rich cultural heritage and aware that they are the inheritors of the traditions of the world’s oldest continuous civilization. Being part of such a rich legacy so that they are keen to maintain their cultural identity.

Image by Robert Collins

Business, Investment and MSME

  • Establish business and investment connection between Indonesia and Australia.

  • Support the development of micro, small and medium enterprises among Indonesian diasporas in Australia.

  • Connect the micro, small and medium enterprises in Indonesian to enter Australian market.

Image by Adeolu Eletu

Research, Science and Technology

  • Establish connection and network between Indonesian and Australian academics and researchers.

  • Assist in the implementation of new research, science and technology that can be applied in Indonesia and beneficial.

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Health and Senior Citizen

  • Playing an active role in providing information on health and wellbeing for Indonesian Diaspora in Victoria.

  • Facilitate partnerships in health care that lead to healthier living conditions for all Indonesians. We believe in accessible, affordable and high-quality health care as the foundation for healthier living conditions for all, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, social status and religious background.

Image by Hush Naidoo

Information Technology and Media

  • Foster the Information Technology knowledge transfer to the people of Indonesia.

  • Explore the opportunity to support the development of Information Technology and Media in Indonesia.

  • Become the agent of change in introducing new initiatives and best practices in Information Technology, Media and Communication in Indonesia.

Image by Fotis Fotopoulos

International Student and Skilled Worker

  • Conduct various information sessions on different types of employment contracts and conditions.

  • Provide various workshop and information sessions on how to tackle racism and discrimination in workplace and about the rights of employees.

Image by Scott Graham
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